Fiona Lives & Breathes Yoga & Massage

Fiona Walker teaches yoga and also provides holistic massages. She works and lives at the Kang Ren Clinic, a healing retreat centre she and her husband, Dr. Willo Walker, established on Denman Island, BC, in 2005.

Teaching with inspiration, Fiona integrates the spiritual with the practical, and draws deeply from a background in Yoga, Shiatsu, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Rebalancing, Trager, Esalin Massage, dance and movement therapy to help people gently transform their fears or inhibitions into the joy of their naturalness.

The Hakomi Experiential Method of Assisted Self-Study and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Psychotherapy (MBCT) have played a huge part in Fiona's approach to both teaching and how she practices massage.

Fiona's Yoga

Fiona is a Certified Yoga Instructor, who also practices Holistic Massage. She specializes in Hatha, Kundalini, SomaYoga, and in leading health & wellness retreats and workshops. Workshops and retreats are offered annually. For more info please click here.

Through the week, Fiona teaches ongoing yoga classes at the Kang Ren Clinic in the Greenhouse Studio, on glorious Denman Island, off the coast of mainland BC, Canada:

Heated floors, sunny exposure and all-natural settings make the studio a perfect compliment for Fiona's yoga approach.

Located on Northwest Road near the Village. Watch for our Dragon sign!

Testimonials for Fiona's Yoga

Fiona Walker fully embodies her many gifts and talents as an elder Yoga teacher and Body worker. Her depth of wisdom in understanding the human journey provides those whom she works with the opportunity to experience humility, strength, healing and devotion in their own being.  These qualities emanate from her core.

... Diane Smith, Yoga teacher, and founder of Sun Door Yoga on Hornby Island, BC.

Fiona is an exceptionally learned and gifted yoga instructor with an uncanny ability to sense and address the needs of her students. Her modesty and humbleness belie her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and her lifelong experience and training as a yogi. A yoga session with her is a mindful dance led by her informed and calming voice. I leave with my spirit restored and every muscle, joint, cell awoken and tended to with love and care. I credit my good health and wellbeing to my participation in Fiona's yoga classes over the years.

... Mary Jane Stewart, Yoga student, Denman Island

Fiona Walker is the kind of yoga teacher that rarely comes along. She has the ability to intuit her students needs with both knowledge and a keen sense of the individual body. Her anatomy and eclectic background along with many years of experience make her an instructor worth seeking.

... Sandy Melnyk, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Denman Island